How To Remove Ben Wa Balls

How To Remove Ben Wa Balls How To Remove Ben Wa Balls

By now, most women have become familiar with Ben Wa balls and their many benefits.

One question that Hong Kong sex shop Pink Pussy Cat receives often is, how do you remove these sexercisers? Ben wa balls are used to strengthen the muscles in the vagina and the pelvic floor. Stronger vaginal muscles not only help increase sexual pleasure, but they also help with mild incontinence caused by childbirth.

Ben Wa balls allow women to perform Kegel exercises. Some women will walk around while wearing Ben Wa balls throughout a whole day. Doing this can result in full body orgasms during sex. Balls can also be worn during sex, although it makes it more delicate because you don’t want to experience pain from getting too close to the cervix.

Duotone balls are similar to Ben Wa balls. Duotone balls are often connected pairs of weighted balls, and come with a string so that they are easily removed.

Traditional Ben Wa balls can be removed by bearing down and squeezing them out. If this doesn’t work, don’t panic. The first way to get them out is to stand up and move around. You can also try coughing or sneezing, jumping up and down and adding more lubrication.

While purchasing Ben Wa balls that have a string may appeal to you for their easier removal, many users experience less flexibility with these on ¬– they are often more bulky.

Pink Pussy Cat offers a wide variety of Ben Wa balls to cater to your every need, whether you’re taking the traditional route with Ben Wa Balls or would like to rest assured with duotone balls.

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