Sex? 性? 羞家?

性,係香港屬於一個好尷尬既話題。 相信大部份既香港人除左讀書時期既性教育堂以外,其餘就係依靠『愛情動作片』去學習,而實習對象,離不開自已另一半。 其實性,並唔係一件需要尷尬既事,係人類與生俱來既本性。 每一個人都會有,亦應該懂得去享受。 希望我可以利用依度同你分享下,我同另一半對性既學習過程,見聞,甚至趣事。希望你,可以從此學習享受性。

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What is Body-Safe?

What is Body-Safe? Silicone, like other body-safe toy materials, has several benefits: they’re more hygienic because they are easy to clean; they’re hypoallergenic so everyone can enjoy them; and they last longer, increasing the value of your investment and keeping them out of landfills. The supple, skin-like texture of silicone …

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More Anal, Please

The verdict is in — anal play is increasingly becoming commonplace for straight and gay couples. Why? As sex educator, writer and feminist adult filmmaker Tristan Taormino said in a 2001 article for Village Voice, “the asshole is the most democratic of all orifices — we all have one!” And …

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Anal Category Is Growing Thanks to Growing Demand From Men And Women

Last year, U.K. sex toy retailer Lovehoney allowed researcher Jon Millward to analyze its more than 1 million sex toy purchases and 45,000 product reviews to reveal what consumers are buying. Among Millward’s findings was that single straight men frequently buy butt plugs for solo play. “Men also buy large …

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b-Vibe™ Plug Guide

Getting Started When getting started with any form of anal play the key to success is starting slow and steady. The anal sphincter is strong yet delicate. Start slowly with a finger or beginner size anal plug, and gradually work toward increasingly larger toys. Most importantly, you need to listen …

Guide to Plug Use

A plug is a type of sex product specifically designed to be placed inside the bum for sexual pleasure. Plug Basics When buying anal products, it’s best to avoid low-grade materials including petroleum products that can burn the lining of the anal canal. It’s important to get toys with a …

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Expert Advice

The b-Vibe website features Expert Advice with tips on how to get started with anal play. The key to anal pleasure is to take it “slow and steady.” The more relaxed and comfortable you are the easier insertion will be. Take your time; it’s not a race! Enjoy the new …

What is the b-Vibe Rimming Plug? How does it work?

While anal has always been on the menu for women and gay couples, an article in Playboy titled “Tongue in Cheek: The Men Who Want This Sex Act Aren’t Kidding,” focuses on the growing trend of straight men voicing out their enjoyment of being on the receiving end of anal …

What is Rimming?

Rimming, also known as analingus or “anilingus” — the term first used by sexologist Richard von Krafft-Ebing in 1886 — is a sexual activity that can be enjoyed by both men and women. By applying the gentle pressure of one’s lips and tongue, combined with the lubrication of saliva or …